Olden Camping Gytri, was officially opened in 1961 under the name of Gytri Camping. Because of name confusions the name was changed later into Olden Camping Gytri. Gytri Camping was the first campsite in the valley of Oldedalen (at the road between Olden and Briksdal). The campsite has always been family business, from the early days when Leiv Gytri started it until 1990 when his son John Arild Gytri took over the Place, who ran the place until he died in 2015. New owners took over in December 2015, Roger Sveum and Kristin Fonn Sveum , them moved from Hamar and started up in the season may 2016. Then Leiv At the beginning there was only place for a few tents and cars. A lot of work was put into the place and between 1965-1975 three cabins were built. At that point the sanitary facilities were very simple. But in 1995 new facilities, accessible for handicapped persons, were built, and there was also given room for disposal of camping toilette waste. With the years, the campsite has improved more and more to ensure the guests´ well-being, comfort and last but not least to update the place for guests to come. Today Olden Camping, Gytri has capacity for about 50 tents, camping-cars and caravans.